TH604 Anti-Slip Dual Duty Coating

TH604 is a dual-duty coating consisting of aluminum and ceramic oxide that offers both corrosion protection as well as texture through its hard ceramic oxides that offer great wear resistance. 

TH604 is a cored wire made up of an aluminum sleeve that is filled with ceramic oxides. We start with a flat strip of aluminum, form it into a “U”, deposit ceramic oxide powder inside it and fold it over after which it is drawn to size. The aluminum offers sacrificial properties when applied to iron and steel while also acting as a matrix to bind the hard and wear resistant oxides within the coating.

  • Extended Life - Estimated at 10 yrs per NRL studies
  • Dual Duty Coating - Offering corrosion protection and non-skid properties.
  • Significant weight reduction - .125 - .50 lbs per sq.ft.(45% less than traditional nonskid)
  • Estimated Cost Savings Annually per boat over traditional nonskid
  • Zero Cure Time
  • Zero VOCs
  • Can be Applied Manually or by Robot
  • Has Surpassed all NAVY/NAVSEA testing requirements - MIL PRF- 24667

Coating Application

TH604 is applied using a twin wire arc spray process sometimes called metalizing.  Two spools of TH604 wire are put on either side of our arc spray machine which then energizes one positive and the other negative, these wires strike an arc when they come within close proximity of each other at the gun head which melts the material.  Dry compressed air is added which both atomizes and propels the material to the substrate.  While the material is molten in the arc zone at the gun head it quickly starts to solidify in flight, the semi-molten particles are propelled at such a rate that they become a splat when they hit the substrate. 

This process only requires electricity and compressed air, therefore, the process is relatively inexpensive to operate.  Furthermore, the equipment and material are portable and mobile so it is just as easy to operate whether in the field or in a shop.

Application of TH604 is considered to be a low skill level process, successful coatings can, and have been, applied with a minimal amount of training.

TH604 Common Applications

TH604 is an anti-slip thermal spray coating that is used in a wide range of industries. Some of the common applications for this type of coating wear-resistant aluminum and ceramic core coating include:

  • Lift Gates for Trucks
  • Flight Deck Navy Vessels
  • Transition Plates
  • Fuel Trench Cover Plates
  • Fish Cleaning Stations
  • Dock Levelers
  • Gangways
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Bridges for Traffic
  • Food Truck Lift Gates
  • Ferry Decks
  • Trenching and Shoring Plates
  • Vault Doors
  • Carriage Rails
  • Commercial Entry Way Thresholds
  • Trench Covers
  • Mass Transit Car Vestibule
  • Scaffolding 


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View or Download our SafTrax bulletin. SafTrax offers extended life, dual duty coating, significant weight reduction, zero cure time, and zero VOCs.It is resistant to oils, fuels and salt water and can be applied manually or by robot. SafTrax has surpassed all NAVY/NAVSEA testing requirements - MIL PRF- 24667.


TH604 is a ceramic oxide core wire composed of aluminum and up to 46% by volume of ceramic oxides. This is a "patented" process, which allows for a high percentage of ceramic within an aluminum matrix. The purpose of this wire is to provide a wear resistant surface to aluminum, steel and stainless steel that is long lasting and protects against corrosion while maintaining an average coefficient of friction of 1.1.


SafTrax, a Thermion nonskid, can be applied in many different texture varieties from very aggressive to less aggressive. While these textures greatly vary they all still maintain Coefficient of Friction well above the industry standard requirements, averaging up to 1.1 COF dry and .97 COF wet.


View or download this pdf which oulines the spraying parameters for SafTrax TH604 CF "Patented" Non Skid. Includes details for surface preparation and technique for spraying.

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The SafTrax Advantage

SafTrax vs. Other Coatings

While a variety of epoxy and paint-based slip-resistant coatings are available, SafTrax anti-slip thermal spray coatings are the best way to get a grip on safety and combat corrosion.

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Long Lasting (Life Cycle)

SafTrax coatings have an average lifespan of one decade or longer and provide a safe, non-skid environment that protects metal substrates from corrosion, wear, abrasion, heat and impact forces.

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Guarantee/Quality Assurance

Thermion goes to great measures to guarantee the quality of both its equipment and wires, SafTrax nonskid products are no different.

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